American Pet Diner 152 Alffy Alfalfa Hay 5lb

American Pet Diner 152 Alffy Alfalfa Hay 5lb
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Our Alffy Alfalfa hay is so sweet and fresh it is affectionately known as ";candy hay";. It provides higher protein and higher calories, sometimes needed by younger, growing, more active pets, or gestating or lactating mothers. The aroma is sweet and clean, the flavor is unmatched. People contact us from all over the world to seek our our Alffy Alfalfa Hay.

  • Increases digestive motility to make available best use of nutrients in their gut
  • Helps produce firm droppings and reduce chance of diarrhea
  • Helps digest other foods for better utilization
  • Helps reduce pet boredom by giving them something to do
  • Balances the diet and helps control calcium and calorie intake
  • Helps remove hairballs in grooming animals.
  • Item weight - 5 lbs.